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The contemporary UK gospel scene is a bouyant as ever.

                                                     We arrived at LEONARDS EC1 for sound check at

                                                     5:35.  Everything was supposed to be in place for a

                                                     5:30 sound check start.  


                                                     I was panicking because Mark the sound guy had not

                                                     arrived.  I got a call 10 minutes later; he's stuck

                                                     somewhere (I was too annoyed to ask where exactly).  

Thank God for EMMANUEL (the E in GK REAL).  


He arrived at the venue before I got there and got Mark to tell him where all the gear was so he could start setting things up.  EMMANUEL ended up being the PA person for the night!


So: sound check was all wrapped up by 7.00 pm (right on time).  KARL NOVA took all the artists to the back room for a kind of team bonding session, prayer et al, while I manned the front desk and welcomed the guests in.

UKG HANG TIME brings a fresh angle to reporting, implementing a twist on the 'fly-on-the wall' template:

in this instance the subject - not the observer, controls (sometimes even writes) the feature.  


The intention is for the series to provide a unique insight into the minds of the people that are shaping the

new, contemporary face of gospel music in this age...




Starting out as a magazine, EXHALE! has now become an event that supports grassroots artists at

intimate themed events.  Currently working on an acoustic theme, many of the acts appearing on the

bill excel in delivering organic music in EXHALE!'s relaxed atmosphere..



Publication date: July 6 2007

Much of the industry's creative energy continually finds a thriving outlet in the scores of

events of various sizes that seem to spring up every year around the country, as artists and

event organisers create shows to cater for everything from huge worship fests to the small

and friendly atmosphere of the accessible club experience...

This is the story of a new live event: EXHALE! is put on by SILVASTREAMS and ROCKHILL

MUSIC (the company behind GK REAL), and they sent this back from their first gig (thanks,

LANRE).   If you'd like attend, the next one is on the 22nd of July.  Details below..

When I went on stage to start off the event and to hand over to KARL as host,

there was already quite a handful of people seated, and tell you what, if that

was it for the night I would have been satisfied with the turn out, BUT more

than a handful turned out for what was the first EXHALE! event!


CHIDO opened up the evening with two pieces accompanied with his guitar,

the crowd were feeling his vibe and he left them wanting more when KARL

joined him on stage towards the end of his last song adding his own unique

touch to the performance.


KARL's 'MORE THAN SKIN DEEP' poem got the whole house thinking about the subtle stereotypical mindset that still exists in our society (even in the church!).  ZUWA rocked the crowd with her songs 'ROCKING BOATS' and 'NOTHING TO LOSE'.  She felt inspired to end her set with an amazing spoken word poetry piece which she hadn't planned to do.

LANRE AT 5:35 - 'Hope someone shows up ...'

We haven't had a UKG HANG TIME DIARY feature for quite a while.  It's like buses: there

aren't any for ages then quite a few come along at once...  


This is the first of two coming your way over summer.   If you're unfamiliar with the 'Hang

Time' concept, there's some background info for you at the end of this piece...

Yinka Awojobi

Content Development

UK Gospel.com

NGOZI's well-crafted, passionate heartfelt poetry was followed by DEOLA's tenor sax rendition of 'EVERYTHING THAT LIVES LAMENTS' by KEITH JARRETT and 'SUNNY MOON FOR TWO' by SUNNY ROLLINS.


MERVYN SEIVWRIGHT (DEEP COBRA) blessed us with his piece 'BREATHE', (which was appropriate for an EXHALE! night) and BIANCA ROSE had a recall after her 10 minute set to do another song.


After the intermission, YENI opened the second session with 'SUMMER TIME', delivered in her soothingly rich tone like none other, ushering in lyricist and educationist, BREIS, who got everyone reaching into their inner soul with his song 'IDENTITY' and 'THINK BIG'.


                                                        ADELAIDE MACKENZIE started her set accompanied

                                                        by KARL on vocal percussion and an impromptu

                                                        freestyle with her own unique version of 'SHOOP'

                                                        (from the movie sound track WAITING TO EXHALE),

                                                        finishing off with 'BLESS UP' from her debut album

                                                        DAILY PROCESS



[VERB] SWISH as always delivered his amazing spoken word poetry with a

swish, his well known piece 'THE J WORD' was part of his set for the night

which actually was demanded by the attentive audience.


                                            AYO-DELE's (the A in GK REAL) performance

                                            was electric and MERCY closed the night

                                            with a striped down version of GOD & ME

                                            with GOZI on keys.

MERCY was introduced by the CEO of ROCKHILL MUSIC, AKIN OGBOYE who appealed to the people to support the GOD & ME single which dropped on June 4.


In all, the night was a success courtesy of SILVASTREAMS and ROCKHILL MUSIC, a showcase of amazing talent, inspirational and uplifting material and it was evident to all that God did indeed exhale and breathe on the event.....

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